Show Notes:

  • Currently 38 weeks pregnant
  • Have had quite a successful pregnancy-- this one has gone by much faster (probably because I've been chasing my toddler)
  • Planning to have my daughter at the birth.  We've prepared by having her watch birth videos and even listening to/watching the video of me pushing with her
  • This pregnancy I: continued strength training throughout- I feel it made a huge difference for me
  • I did start eating more poorly during February/March, so I did the Whole30 with my husband and daughter as a reset in April and felt much better
  • I got sick with a stomach bug around 34 weeks- I don't wish that on anyone!  So awful to be sick and that pregnant.  I worried momentarily I'd accidentally push the baby out while puking.
  • I had a blessingway ceremony this past weekend.  Surrounded by amazing midwives and birth workers who love me. 
  • We: ate, had a bead ceremony, a fear-releasing ceremony, made an affirmation banner, and prayed over me
  • If you had a Blessingway, what did you do?
  • Please send me songs to add to my playlist- feel free to send them via your instagram stories, tagging @happyhomebirthpodcast 
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