Is the goal of your Homebirth to have pretty images, or is it to seize the experience of motherhood and revel in all of its glory?

Depending on your goal, you’ll want to consider how you prepare.

If you merely want to “get through labor”, then a course focused on coping techniques may be just fine…

But if you’re looking to enjoy the full blueberry pie, not just the outer edge of the crust…

If you’re looking to experience childbirth as the honorable, noble right of passage that it was always meant to be…

A surface level approach to childbirth preparation isn’t going to cut it.

Inside of The Homebirth Collective, our focus is on the internal experience far more than the simple external sequence of events. Why?

Because you deserve more than to just “get through labor”. You deserve to see this event as the life-changing, sacred, rite of passage, mother-making, God-given experience that it is. That it was designed to be.

If you’re ready for more and you can already see The Homebirth Collective is the answer for you, I want you to fill out the application in my bio and send me a DM saying “ME!”

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