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Is the goal of your Homebirth to have pretty images, or is it to seize the experience of motherhood and revel in all of its glory?

Depending on your goal, you’ll want to consider how you prepare.

If you merely want to “get through labor”, then a course focused on coping techniques may be just fine…

But if you’re looking to enjoy the full blueberry pie, not just the outer edge of the crust…

If you’re looking to experience childbirth as the honorable, noble right of passage that it was always meant to be…

A surface level approach to childbirth preparation isn’t going to cut it.

Inside of The Homebirth Collective, our focus is on the internal experience far more than the simple external sequence of events. Why?

Because you deserve more than to just “get through labor”. You deserve to see this event as the life-changing, sacred, rite of passage, mother-making, God-given experience that it is. That it was designed to be.

If you’re ready for more and you can already see The Homebirth Collective is the answer for you, I want you to fill out the application in my bio and send me a DM saying “ME!”

When you experience a truly empowered birthing experience, certainly it affects your motherhood journey. But what else can it potentially impact?
And this week we're speaking to Tanya Grazione, a mama whose birth experience propelled her into a totally new career and desire to serve other women. Tanya is a homebirth mama, doula and childbirth educator, and she has so much wonderful insight to share with us today.
She help first-time homebirth mothers achieve the empowering birthing experience of their dreams by deprogramming the mainstream mistrust of birth, reconnecting with their intuitive feminine wisdom, and relaxing into the the birthing process.
Episode Roundup:
  1. In regards to Tanya's first experience, her cervix moved so quickly from relatively closed to quite open, which explains why Tanya felt overwhelmed and opted for the epidural. We've got to remember that the cervix doesn't open on a specific timeline, and just because we're 3cm one minute doesn't mean we won't be complete and pushing just minutes later!
  2.  With her second birth, Tanya was able to feel the transformation into motherhood in a far more active way. This experience, though it didn't take away her first birth, allowed her to integrate it and her second birth more fully into herself. She was able to re-enter motherhood feeling extremely proud and confident. A number of the mothers inside of The HBC join specifically for that reason. They were left feeling like something was missing from their previous birth or births, and they're ready to do all of the inner work with their current pregnancy to experience the transformation back into motherhood on a cellular level. In order to do that, we have to take radical responsibility and learn to dig into our own self-knowledge and trust. I love that Tanya is on the exact same page and is teaching this to her clients as well.


Question for you, dads:

If you knew you were preparing for something intense and life-changing… let’s say battle… how would you want to prepare?

Would you prefer to read a book or two and hope for the best?

Would you want to watch a general self-study course and try to implement on your own?

Or would you prefer 1:1 preparation with a skilled instructor who has actually experienced what you’re preparing for? Wouldn’t you want to have access to other peers who were preparing for the same event to work with, relate to, and lean upon?

And would you want this preparation to simply show you how to hold a sword, or would you want it to teach you to think like a warrior? Which would be more helpful.

Now let’s think about your wife and the life-changing experience she’s about to have: giving birth. Just like battle, she will leave this experience changed. Wouldn’t it be far more helpful if we were able to help her prepare for all of the aspects of birth and motherhood beforehand so that she walks into this event confidently and courageously?

Listen in to this discussion to learn the 5 questions you can ask your wife when she’s selecting a method of childbirth education. And remember that YOU can be her hero simply through your support!


When you work yourself up to have a homebirth, and then those plans change last minute, what do you do?
This week, we're speaking with Therese Dansby. Therese Dansby is a wife, nurse, lactation consultant, and homeschooling mom of 3. She recently moved from a big city to a small town in Nebraska where she is thrilled to have found herself amongst plenty of homesteading, home schooling, home birthing friends. Motherhood has been nothing like she expected, but as she rises to the challenge, she learns new things about her own strength and resilience in the process.  
Therese's final birth experience ends with some unexpected trauma.  She gives a trigger warning before she goes into depth, so if you'd prefer to avoid that discussion, you're welcome to end the episode at that point.
Episode Roundup:
  1. Despite my great love and desire for mothers to know about homebirth as an option, that does NOT automatically mean that home is the best option for everyone. The best option for a mother is for her to give birth where she feels safest and most comfortable. We are asking our bodies to open up and be fully vulnerable. If they are most comfortable doing that in a hospital, there is absolutely no shame in that.
  2. The People Pleaser Tendency: This is very common in pregnancy and birth, and it's something we need to be aware of so that we can prepare ourselves beforehand. Strengthening our boundaries during pregnancy can be incredibly useful.
  3. Finally, birth can be beautiful and still have complications. There can still be traumas after something amazing and lovely. Therese shared so many wonderful ways that she's been able to integrate her experience in these last months, and I will be posting them in the show notes

What do we need to know about supporting and healing the pelvic floor?  Is it super complex?

This week, we're speaking with Christina, one of the creators and trainers of Tighten Your Tinkler. Christina and her business partner Jen are a physical therapist and exercise physiologist duo who are dedicated to helping mothers heal their pelvic floors in a way that keeps physiology in mind.
Christina and Jen are guest experts inside of the Homebirth Collective, and I am thrilled to be able to share a glimpse of their expertise here, too!
The HBC applications for our next cohort that runs from mid October through the end of December 2022 open up next week on September 12th 2022. This cohort has been absolutely life-changing for the intimate community of mothers who has participated, and the friendships that have been built ALONG with the depth of both knowledge and wisdom regarding the physiologic birth process and the transformational experience of childbirth are far beyond anything I've ever experienced before.
Head to myhappyhomebirth.com/collective if you know you're ready to join us in October!
Christina brought so much helpful information to us regarding the Pelvic floor and how we can support it.  If through this episode you've realized that you'd like further support, don't hesitate to reach out to Christina and Jen at Tightenyourtinkler.  The name is funny, but the results are serious!  I've personally been through their program and I'm currently incorporating their exercises into my daily life, and I absolutely love what they're doing. 
When you choose an elective cesarean for your first birth, you're about as far from the homebirth experience as you can get-- there's no way you'd ever consider a homebirth later on, right?
This week, we're speaking to Jordan Adams- a student and stay at home mother of 3. She lives in the metro Detroit area with her husband, three children- Emerson, Lennon & Auburn as well as two dogs, so it's never boring. Jordan's home birth was my first VBAC and she's been birth obsessed ever since!
Speaking of this beautiful community, I want to go deeper with you, and we are about to open up our enrollment for the Homebirth Collective. Our second cohort will be underway in October and we are going to run through the end of December. So, you know, Homebirth is a transformational experience, unlike any other, and I want to invite you to take full responsibility and full control over the joy of that experience through the Homebirth Collective, where we will be diving so much deeper into preparing. By really invoking the Primal mother, which is what I call it which is that mother inside of you who already knows what to do. And then once we have that Foundation laid, once we understand our nervous system, once we understand our boundaries, once we understand what it actually means to have a successful birth. If you were interested, go to  myhappyhomebirth.com/collective.  I can’t wait to connect with you and support you further.
Episode Roundup
  1. So much of our fears stem from the unknown. Jordan didn't know what to expect with her first baby and birth, and at that time, it felt safer to just not know than to have to come to terms with what it could be. Obviously, this changed greatly for Jordan with time, but it really highlights just how stressful the idea of birth can be-- and if we don't even feel safe looking into what's happening, it's no wonder that we would want to consider an elective cesarean. Have someone else do it for me- I don't even want to know.
  2. But on to my second point, what power did Jordan exhibit when she realized.... "wait a minute... I'm in control here!" She truly became a force to be reckoned with, and it was amazing to see that sense increase throughout her two subsequent births. Once you realize the smoke and mirrors of the idea that someone else has the power-- not you-- once you realize it's YOUR body and YOUR baby.... you can't unsee that. Jordan certainly never did.
  3. I love that Jordan so openly has continued to grow, learn and change. When her midwife recommended some dietary changes that seemed pretty basic, she suddenly had insane improvements in her health-- how incredible is it to see that we sometimes DO have the ability to greatly increase our health with just a few simple changes. This was such an encouraging aspect of Jordan's journey to me.
  4. And finally, how wonderful was it to hear all of the supportive people around Jordan. Her husband, her mother-in-law, her midwife, her sister in law-- all of them playing such integral parts in her experience, and she will never forget how these wonderful people treated her during such a special time. It just fills me with joy to hear when mothers are rallied around in such a beautiful way.

What do Obstetricians have to say about homebirth?  Well, the one we're speaking to today certainly has some opinions that may surprise you in the best way.

This week, we're speaking with the incredible Dr. Stu Fischbein, a homebirth-attending Obstetrician, founder of Reteach Breech, and one of the two lovely co-hosts from the ever-inspiring podcast Birthing Instincts.
In this conversational episode, Dr. Stu, as usual, holds nothing back and shares his opinions regarding the current state of the medical oligarchy and how the last two years of pandemic chaos have exposed the realities that have existed for a long time, how this encroaches on midwives, mothers and people as a whole... and we discuss the responsibility that each one of us can choose to take in regards to our own health.
He shares the massive shifts in perspective that he's had over his career in terms of how maternity care should be managed, or better yet left alone, and he unabashedly shares his thoughts on the Covid, the vaccine and more. 
Episode Roundup:
  1. 10 or so years into his career, Dr. Stu made a choice. He decided to recognize the fact that the way he'd been caring for patients did not align with the new knowledge and perspective that he was gaining. Honestly, it could have been a lot easier, a lot more comfortable for him to have stuck his head in the sand, continued down the ol' path of typical obstetric care and never be faced with the discomfort of change. I'm so grateful that he didn't do that.
  2. It's important that we listen to medical professionals--who have seen how things work on the inside-- when they share that things are often not done for the best interest of the patient. Of course, I'm sure many of this know this, but experiential knowledge is a whole other kind of knowledge.  Dr. Stu was pushed out of his hospital position and privlidge because he wouldn't cow to the mainstream model.  How frustrating to hear that those who DO truly care for the patient are often the first ones to be removed.
  3. And finally, let's end on something to consider and meditate on:  You, the mother, should be the one deciding the risks you are willing to take.  Yes, it is incredible to have trusted advisors and providers, but the authority of how and where and with whom you give birth should remain in your hands.  You have options.
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Raise your hand if your doula became a doula at 17 years old before having her own children and before coming an RN? No, just Ellie?
And this week we're speaking to Ellie Mickle, birth doula turned RN turned homebirth mama. We'll be sharing her 3 beautiful stories, and I'm really putting an emphasis on 'beautiful.' This is a great pep talk episode and reminder that birth can go SO beautifully, and it does so often!
Episode Roundup
  1. When it comes to birth, our lens is crucial to how we view the situation. Ellie recognized that the only thing standing in her way from fully enjoying or appreciating her second birth experience was an internal battle based around the idea that her experience was supposed to be something different than it was. It is crucial for us as mothers to enter each birthing experience with curiosity and a beginner's mind, knowing that the experience will bring to us whatever lessons we need most. A positive and curious lens can make all of the difference.
  2. And ultimately, birth is normal until proven otherwise. Entering this experience recognizing that physiological labor was designed to work allows us to relax and release into this process with confidence and comfort. Having trusted care providers and a trusted location can truly help mothers sink warmly into the headspace needed to submit to the birthing process.
This conversation is not directly homebirth, or even totally birth related, but this information is so applicable to every single one of us, whether we're struggling with chronic illness or not. There is so much we call pull from this discussion with Theresa and apply to our pregnancy, birth and motherhood.
This week we're going to be speaking to Theresa Piela who is as a guest expert and leading an in-depth tapping session for our students inside Happy Homebirth Collective. Theresa, is such a gift.  We are so honored to have her as a guest expert inside of the homebirth collective, and I love that my students get to learn from you in this intimate setting. 
Episode roundup
  1. Learning to release in one area of life often times allows us to soften and release in other areas. This is such a great reminder for motherhood. A we learn to soften and sink in and release, our experience of motherhood will be positively impacted.          
  2. "No one has the answers but you" and there's freedom in that. Ultimately, you get to take full responsibility. Theresa mentioned this in relation to her search for health during chronic illness, and the very same applies for birth. Yes, it is wonderful to find others who can support us, encourage us, and teach us... but ultimately, this is your life. And it's so much more fulfilling, despite the fact that it may at first feel daunting, when we embrace the responsibility.                            
  3. If you have the time to think to yourself, "Oh man, I'm not thinking or feeling the way I wanted to...." THAT IS YOUR CUE! You can take that one little moment of awareness-- that's all you need is one little moment-- and remind yourself to refocus. And the more you do this, the more aware you will be come, and the quicker and easier it will be to refocus as time goes on.                                                                                            
  4. And finally, I love this one...Remember that we cannot control the craziness around us. We live in a world that can be dark at times, and there is undeniably trouble and struggle within the human condition. But despite this.... or even in light of this...how important is it for us to connect to our babies and let them know how well they are loved. As Theresa said, It's the biggest gift a mother can give their child.
For all of you listening, I highly encourage you to follow Theresa at livingrootswellness on instagram, and I 10/10 recommend her tapping membership, Tapping with T. If you're looking for support, she's giving it out consistently.
How can we teach our body that it can trust us and rest, when we have previously had a difficult time allowing it to rest?
This week we're going to be speaking to Jocelin North. Jocelin is a mother who has been through quite a bit of difficulty through her pregnancy and birth experiences. And I do want to share this up front because Jocelin does a really beautiful job of really sharing the details of her experience and I want you to keep that in mind. If you feel that you are at a place in your pregnancy where you are vulnerable to difficult stories, this may be one that you want to come back to at a later time though.
I do believe there's so much value and in hearing how she went through these experiences and how she's come out.
On the other side as a stronger mother and someone who is able to listen to her body and provide it what it needs in an easier way.
Episode Roundup:
  1. I feel like Jocelyn story had so many difficult aspects to it and what I love and find so comforting and it is that through all of those things, she was able to continue on, she thought the Lord's help in the times that she needed it and she did what she needed to do for her babies.
  1. That being said, we as mothers often times will sacrifice and sacrifice and sacrifice and forget that we are people too who need help and support. So I'm so grateful that Jocelyn is now on a path to helping her body rest and allowing her body to heal, and these things do take time. So I am so grateful to Jocelyn for sharing her birth stories with us.
I will remind you that Jocelyn took Happy Homebirth Academy. Happy Homebirth Academy is currently unavailable, but we have the waitlist open for the home birth Collective. And our second cohort is going to be beginning in October, you can hop on to the waitlist. This first cohort has been mind-blowing, absolutely beautiful. The relationships that are forming between these mothers and the depth that we are able to get to in terms of coaching plus education. There is absolutely nothing like this anywhere else on the market. I am so honored and blessed to be able to provide such an amazing experience. So do not miss your opportunity to be a part of this next cohort.

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